Print Posted by Skull Crush Inc. on 11/09/2017

Ruger SR1911 The Good, The Bad, and the Nasty

Skull Crush takes a look at the 

Ruger SR1911

The Good

The Bad

                               and the Nasty

Ralph and Eric from Skull Crush are at it again with another great video review. There's a lot of good footage of the boys shooting the Ruger SR1911. Ralph's commentary includes some really good info if you're looking to buy this pistol or if you already have it! Magazines that work and don't work with certain ammo and other little hidden gems.

It's well worth the time to kick back and hit the play button on this bad boy. 

After you watch the video and you're all pumped ... go buy one on our site!! 

Here's another link that'll get you right to it -  Ruger SR1911

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