One on one training.

Robert is a great guy who is passionate about what he does. He worked with me one on one and made sure I felt comfortable before we left. I definitely feel more confident about shooting. I highly recommend you take any of his courses.

Submitted by Rosalyn Benjamin on Saturday, Sep 23, 2017

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Shooting tune-up

We contacted Robert to evaluate and critique our shooting skills. I was having an issue with my new 45 compact and my wife needed a shooting review. Robert met with us at the shooting range, went over basic safety and watched each of us shoot. He provided feedback and we continued to practice using his suggestions. We now have a better routine to follow when we go to the range to continuing honing our skills. Robert is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an introduction to shooting or advance their skills.

Submitted by Joe Kovach on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Awesome Course

I would recommend this course to every one interested in obtaining a concealed weapons permit. Robert was very knowledgeable! You LITERALLY "get what you pay for" with this course. I look forward to attending more firearm training courses that he provides.

Submitted by Michelle N. on Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

Well done!

Rob is very knowledgeable and does a great job teaching what he knows. I appreciated his constant attention to safety during the class. I'm looking forward to his tactical class!

Submitted by Wendy Davis on Monday, May 22, 2017

Great Experience

I decided to take my first step towards learning how to protect myself and took the basic safety course. I was nervous and hesitant at first but am so glad I found Tango Firearms. Rob was so full of knowledge and I truly believe that with his help and training that I will have great success. I am excited to continue working with him!

Submitted by Alix on Monday, Apr 24, 2017


Excellent class with a fantastic instructor! Definitely learned a lot. Thanks, Robert!

Submitted by Annmarie Mccormick on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017


Great class! Very informative and a MUST among those seeking geniune knowledge and a respect in the handling and possession of firearms to protect yourself and your family. Robert had my attention from beginning to end and I learned so much. I highly recommend this course. Thank you, Rob!! -- L. HOLT

Submitted by Lisette Torres Holt on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017

Excellent Class!!!

Excellent class with a small group and very informative. Would recommend to friends and family.

Submitted by Robert Mason on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017

Personal Firearms Training

I received personal firearms training from Robert Ladoczky. The two hours we spent together was worth every penny. Robert is an absolute professional and skilled instructor of the highest caliber. Within two hours he had my issues identified and through focused training and drills had me shooting bulls eyes like never before. I would highly recommend Robert and Tango firearms Academy for all your firearms training needs. Robert offered continued follow up of any questions or further issues I might have and I will certainly draw upon his expertise again. Thank you to Robert Ladoczky and Tango Firearms Academy !!!!

Submitted by Tim Williams on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017

Great Training

Robert’s extensive knowledge and experience with firearms is second to none. He has been instructing for years and has developed a unique style that makes learning easy, fun, and most of all, safe. Tango Firearms classes are above standards meaning you get the best “bang” for your buck, where others just give you the minimal bare bones training required by the State.

Submitted by Eric J. on Friday, Jul 08, 2016

Great Experience!!!!

Robert possesses a high level of firearms knowledge as well as a working experience from all his years as a law enforcement officer and firearms instructor. Robert instills confidence in his students abilities to excel in their training. I look forward to additional training from Robert and Tango Firearms Academy, LLC.

Submitted by Wayne Roberts on Friday, Jul 08, 2016

Great Experience!

I had a five star experience taking Robert's Concealed Weapons Class at Tango Firearms Academy. The classroom portion of the course was truly comprehensive while still very enjoyable. Robert is a true professional and kept things interesting while leaving me with an increased awareness in gun safety and handling. The range time was also invaluable as Robert was able to improve my confidence and proficiency in just a short period of time. I would highly recommend this instructor and class to anyone that is considering a concealed carry course!

Submitted by Ben on Saturday, Jul 02, 2016


Robert was extremely knowledgeable on all topics of gun safety and control. When initially getting ready for class, I wasn't sure why it was so long, but once the class started it was very clear to me that there are several things to consider and understand when concealing a weapon, or really owning one for that matter. Robert did an outstanding job explaining each topic in detail, and keeping it interesting. As a novice and first time gun user, I was a bit worried about shooting a gun for the first time. Robert empowered me to take control and be confident. I look forward to taking more classes with Robert

Submitted by Joanna Mercado on Monday, Jun 27, 2016

100% Satisfaction

I was extremely pleased with the Concealed Weapons Class at Tango Firearms Academy. Robert was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He not only shared what I needed to be able to pass the class but made me feel comfortable and confident on the range. I trust Robert and plan to stay in touch with future questions and classes he offers! Thanks Robert. Very happy I chose Tango Firearms and would highly recommend the class.

Submitted by Kat Tonnini on Monday, Jun 27, 2016

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