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Where Is The Marketing For Firearms?

Where Is The Marketing For Firearms?

Firearm advertising has been around for decades until just recently. The marketing difficulties regarding firearms is a recent issue. 

One such example in past advertising can be seen here. We could have viewed this advertisement in Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

Articles about  firearms, the wide variety of advertising, and other firearm pieces have never caused issues on such a large scale until recent years. 

This can easily be noted from the various prominent magazines and newspapers throughout the years that have allowed a multitude of different advertising styles and methods.

Advertising Regulatory Agencies

In past years a number of various agencies have been created and put into place regarding the firearm, ammunition, and other areas concerning the firearms industry as a whole. 

These agencies were also the regulatory forces when it came to the what was legally allowed in regards to the firearm marketing industry. 

The following agencies are no longer the sole governing body in regards to marketing firearms, accessories, and training locations to name a few specific examples.

Specific Advertising Avenues Now Issuing Bans

Specifically advertising bans can be very vague and unspecific in nature. This can be seen when reading the various policies. One such policy is as follows.

“While it might not seem fair to say you can’t show something because of what viewers might do in response, we draw the line at content that intends to incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death.”

Examples of advertising avenues with specific firearm bans that help to create difficulties in marketing within the firearms industry.  

  • Facebook

  • Fox


  • YouTube

  • Comcast

  • Google

  • TV commercials

  • Instagram

  • Bing

  • NFL

Difficulties of Firearms Marketing Misconceptions

The difficulties do not end with the government and individual policies sadly. Other issues that create issues or difficulties within the marketing areas in the firearm industry often are created due to misconceptions and false media reporting. 

One such misconception or area of false reporting lies with the difficulty of individuals to properly identify and report on a specific firearm based product. In other words, the average person, for example, can not tell the difference between makes, models, and calibers.

Another of these misconceptions comes from falsified, inability to read reports correctly, or often miscalculated statistics showing firearms are a larger issue than the actual numbers dictate. 

Take the chart below for example. Here we can clearly see that although more guns were owned in 2014 than in 1994 the homicide rate has dramatically decreased.

Yet another huge misconception is often heard in regards to mass shootings. These sad events are not created by the marketing of firearms nor are they caused by the public being allowed to purchase and own them.

These events are caused by individuals or groups that have severe issues of various natures. Sometimes these events are created due to anger, job loss, financial problems, or even having access to the firearm without proper training. 

Marketing In The Firearm Industry Conclusion

Marketing control of the firearms industry has by no way changed or lowered the violence many often associate with firearms, accessories, usage locations, and the like. 

However, the same research shows that when openly allowing firearms marketing, such as in the early 1900’s, there were less issues, lower statistics, and more training taking place.  

Rather than creating more difficulties with regards to marketing in the firearms industries, such as bans, people should be more concerned with teaching and ensuring gun safety protocols to all households with firearm access. 

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