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What Type Of Hunts Are There

What Type Of Hunts Are There

What Types of Hunting Should You Choose

To the avid and experienced hunter, it seems obvious that there are different types of game available to be hunted. They probably know that hogs can be taken anywhere and anytime as long as they have a hunting license and the permission of the landowner, but state and federally regulated game requires a tag and can only be hunted at certain times of the year, during their “season.”

But someone who is just beginning their hunting career may not be aware of the in’s and out’s of the hunting industry. That’s why it’s important to help them understand, first and foremost, the different type of game that’s out there to be hunted. Especially in North America, where deer, turkey, and duck are some of the most popular game to hunt. The rest of the North American game, along with species from exotic locations like Africa, are also worth knowing.

The Different Types of Hunts

North America

Big Game

This category includes everything from elk and deer hunting to moose and buffalo hunting. There is lots of big game available for those that are wanting to get into hunting in North America.

Deer is one of the most common types of hunts that people do in North America. There are two main types, white tailed and mule deer. White tailed deer are smaller, and are aptly named for the bit of white on their tail. White tailed deer also have a main beam on each side of their antlers. Mule deer are mainly located west of the Rockies. They have a bit of black on the tip of their tail, and are also known for their larger ears. Both species of deer are commonly hunted in North America.

Elk is another species of North American big game, primarily found in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and even California. Elk hunts are more expensive than deer hunts. The tags are more expensive, and it’s also a destination hunt for those that don’t live close to the elk. However, these beautiful animals make some of the best mounts out there if one can bring one home.

There are several kinds of bear that are hunted in North America, primarily black bear and even grizzly bear. Black bear can be found in the continental United States, in the Smoky Mountains and even in states like Pennsylvania and northern Wisconsin, as well as Canada. Grizzlies, on other hand, are found in the Canadian provinces of Yukon and British Columbia and, of course, Alaska.

Other big game include moose, cougar, and gray wolves, which are found in mountainous areas like the Rockies, in parts of Canada, and Alaska. 


Some of the most popular waterfowl hunts include duck and goose. Duck is the most common, and is one of the most exciting hunts that someone can go on. It’s helpful to have a dog, as well as a great shotgun. There are lots of different kinds of duck to hunt, from mallard to wood ducks. They can be found on ponds all throughout the continental U.S.

Other Birds

Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting parts about the spring. Learning turkey calls is one of the most exciting parts, and it takes a good bit of practice to master the art of calling in a big Tom. Turkey can be hunted using either a shotgun or a bow for those that want to get into bow hunting.

Dove and pheasant are some of the other popular type of birds that people hunt. On pheasant and duck hunts it helps to have a dog available to locate and retrieve birds. These are also some of the hunts that are most conducive to group and corporate hunts.

Boar and Varmint

Feral hogs are another type of animal that is hunted in the United States. There are a lot of people with farms or ranches that don’t want hogs running around on their property. There are also hunting outfitters that offer hog hunts!

African Hunts

There are a variety of different African hunts available for those that are searching for an exotic hunt. From impala to wildebeest, to cape buffalo and warthog, there are all sorts of choices if someone is willing to pay a little extra for the tags and the travel expenses.

Happy Hunting

There are also some great hunts that go on down in South America, but these are some of those most common hunts in the world. Those that are looking to get into the great sport of hunting can start with something small and then move their way up to the big game!

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