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What Makes A Good Hunting Guide

What Makes A Good Hunting Guide

There are millions of Americans out there that hunt on a yearly basis. There is lots of game to choose from, and a variety of ways to ways to go about hunting, whether it’s on your own property, on a lease, or on the property of a friend. Some people choose to go with a hunting outfitter. These are licensed groups that have the rights to hunt on a certain piece of property. These make the most sense on destination hunts, and more often than not, they’re going to supply a guide.

Those who have only hunted on their own family’s land or on the land of a friend may have never used a hunting guide before. The truth is that they can be extremely helpful, especially if someone is new to the land or has never hunted a particular type of game before. Even if they have, a hunting guide can still come in handy. But those who have never used a hunting guide or hunting outfitter before are left wondering what the benefits are of using a guide, and what makes a good hunting guide in the first place.

Qualities of a Good Hunting Guide

Hunting Guides are Professional Hunters

The number one reason why people use hunting guides is that these men (and women) are professional hunters. They’re going to know the ins and outs of everything from what a particular game likes to feed on, what its movements are, and the time of day it may most likely be in a certain location. They have also most likely hunted in a certain location before, meaning they will know where the game has been spending the most time. No one wants to go on a hunt without seeing anything.

Guides Know the Terrain

Most American and European hunters wouldn’t even think about hunting in Africa without a tour guide. That’s because guides know the terrain. If a hunting guide has never been to a certain location, no matter where it may be, they wouldn’t make much of a guide then would they? Knowing the land and the terrain is one of the most important parts of hunting, no matter where you are. Just another reason why having a great guide is so important, even if you’re going with a hunting outfitter in a place like Africa.

Better Chances of a Kill

All of these things that a hunting guide is able to assist a hunter with helps them increase the chances that the hunter is going to walk away with a fulfilled tag. Sure, going on the trip may be half the fun. But the other half of the fun is actually bagging something. Chances are, if you’re going on a hunt and paying for a guide it’s for something that would be worth mounting as well, which means if you go with a hunting guide you will have the best chances possible of landing that trophy.  

Get You the Best Shot Possible

One of the most overlooked difficulties of hunting is actually nailing the shot. It’s easy to go to the range and shoot at targets from 100 or 200 yards away. It’s a whole different ballgame when you try to shoot game in the field when the pressure is there. It might be really cold or really hot, and after a long day’s hike the shot will be much more difficult. That’s why it pays to have an experienced, professional guide that knows what it takes to make every shot count.

Having a hunting guide is going to do wonders for the hunter who is hoping to get a kill. Unless you’re hunting on your own or a friend’s land, it’s going to make more sense to go with a guide. Book one today, and happy hunting!

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