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Paintball Shooting Is It A Gun Sport?

Paintball Shooting Is It A Gun Sport?

So, have you ever played paintball or got the least idea what type of gun sport it is – a gun sport or not? Well, paintball is a legit shooting game and one that is eligible to be called a “gun sport” in the most literal sense. For all of you who are reading this and want to know a little bit about paintball gun sports, this is the right article for all of you. You see, paintball is one of the fastest growing gun sports around the world, and contrary to the mythical belief, paintball is a completely safe shooting game to enjoy. There are some variants, equipment’s, and safety measurements required before a person can enjoy this gun sport at its best. However, before relating to you the dynamics of paintball, let us familiarize you a little with the game’s history and origin.

History Of Paintball Shooting -:

Paintball officially appeared as a game in the early 1980s. In fact, to be more accurate, the first ever paintball shooting contest was played in 1981 between 12 players in New Hampshire, Sutton, USA. The game is based on the notion of shooting projectiles of paint (also known as paintball) via a “Marker” gun (the name “Marker” specifically used for paintball guns). This idea was first brought to the public realm by Charles Nelson, founder of the celebrated Nelson Paint Company of United States. So much for the brief history of this amazing gun sports. But are you wondering whether it still qualifies as a gun sport or not? It does, and let us tell you how and why it is considered a gun sport..

Is Paintball A Gun Sport Or Not?

In the most logical and literal sense of the word, it indeed is. You see, the variants of the game, a method of playing, equipment, and the format that it follows completely makes it a legit gun sport. Players use a “Marker” gun in the game that shoots out balls filled with paints to target opponents in the contest. Plus, there is another quite significant historical notion related to this game which makes it a legit gun sports.

To understand, we need to go back to the times of the founder of paint projectiles Charles Nelson. Nelson patented a variety of devices for the use of foresters in the USA to mark timber for removal in the 60s. One of those devices were the squirt gun used to throw out a jet of paint. To facilitate the U.S. Forestry Service requirement in those times, Nelson Paint Company come up with squirt-guns that used to shoot paint projectiles (paintballs) from a distance to mark trees for removal. Those very same squirt-guns went on to become the current “Marker” paintball shooting guns as we know today. Thus, the game and the gun devices were officially patented in the name of Charles Nelson as its inventor and founder.

Therefore, this is how paintball becomes an official gun sport. Have you played paintball before or are interested in playing one? Let us serve you with the right kind of paintball guns as we have the most elaborate and unique stock of guns you can use in your paintball game. Check out our gun store here!

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