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How to Choose a Hunting Outfitter

How to Choose a Hunting Outfitter

Finding the right hunting outfitter isn’t as simple as a Google search. There are tons and tons of different outfitters to choose from, as evinced by this state-by-state hunting outfitters guide on the different outfitters in every state. When looking for a hunting outfitter there are several important things to remember, and certain questions that everyone should be asking a potential hunting outfitter.

Each hunting outfitter offers a selection of different species that are available for hunting. The list above is an example where the different outfitters listed display the number of species that are available for hunt on the property. Be sure that the hunting outfitter offers the right animal. The Location is also important, as are the reviews of previous hunters, which can be found with a simple web search or checking on GUNCMA Hunting Outfitters Directory.

Finding the Right Hunting Outfitter

Choose a Species to Hunt

One of the first things that will really narrow down the search for a great hunting outfitter is knowing what sort of animal one wants to go on a hunt for. There are outfitters all over the world that offer hunts on dozens of different species. From elk to gator, white-tail to mule deer, there are so many different choices to choose from. Deciding on the target animal will help someone choose a hunting outfitter that specializes in that kind of animal and is in the right location for it.

Establish a Budget

Before any more work is done, it’s important to establish a budget for a hunting excursion. Knowing how much one can spend will enable them to rule out outfitters that are charging more than they are able to afford. If someone’s dream is to go on a lion hunt in Africa but it’s simply out of the price range, there are other great options here in North America, like an elk hunt up in Wyoming or Montana. Those that are a tighter budget and are newer to hunting would probably enjoy a turkey hunt or a white-tail deer hunt here in the States, depending on what time of year it is. 

Choose a Close Location if Possible

Unless one plans on doing an exotic hunt, or doing some big-game in North America like elk, bear, or moose, which have very specific places where they are found, finding a location that’s close to home is going to be very helpful. A close game outfitter will reduce travel time and expenses, leaving more time for the hunt itself.

Search for a Hunting Outfitter Online

Now that some of the basic parameters of the hunt have been established, it will be easier to narrow the search down to outfitters that fit the profile. A good place to start looking is the internet, in places like our hunting directory, where hunters can search state-by-state.

Hunting Conventions

Hunting expos are another great place to look. They only meet at certain times of the year, but the Dallas Safari Club is a great example of a convention where over a thousand exhibitors come and display their guns, taxidermy work, and of course, outfitting services. A hunting convention is a great place to meet hunting outfitters in person to ask them questions about their hunts, see game that has been previous taken by them, as well as negotiate a price on a hunt!

Ask the Right Questions

Whether searching for a hunting outfitter online or in person, there are certain questions that everyone should be asking a potential outfitter:

  • What the prices of tags? What about for the hunt itself?
  • Is housing free? What are the accommodations like? Is food provided for?
  • Is the land public or private?
  • Are there guides for the hunt? Do guides cost extra?
  • What airport is best to fly into? Is travel included in the total cost of the hunt?
  • What are the best dates for hunting the desired game?
  • (On rifle hunts) What is the average shot distance?

Booking the Hunt

These are just a few of the questions that someone who is wanting to book a hunt will want to ask. At the end of the day, it’s about going with the outfitter that will give the best hunt at the best price, and one that can be trusted. After that, everything else tends to fall into place.

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