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Guns In The United States - A Few Statistics

Guns In The United States - A Few Statistics

Number of Guns Owned

As one can easily see in the chart above the number of guns found to be owned within the United States continues to grow at a steady pace. Statistics show that as of 2013 there are more owned firearms than there are persons alive in that area of the world. 

However, there are somewhat scary aspects that can be found in regards to the more than 300 million owned guns in 2013. To many the most alarming information can be located regarding number of persons that own a gun that lack any kind formal training.

Basis For Gun Ownership

Most recently research studies show that gun owners number one reasoning for owning a gun is safety, both of their homes and their families. This was found to be the case in regards to those residing within cities and suburbs. 

More men than women state that gun usage for hunting was found to be the primary reason for having a gun or guns in the home. This was especially the case for those that live in rural areas, farming country, and other places where these events are very dominant.

When it comes to sport gun ownership and usage demographics do not seem to be a separating factor. Of those surveyed target, skeet, and trap shooting was mentioned more often than other forms of sport usages.


Women And Gun Ownership

New statistics from Pew Research Center shows that more women are becoming gun owners than in past years. Like their male counterparts they state that the primary basis for gun ownership is also protection and safety. 

Statistics also shows that  protection is the sole basis for women to purchase a gun or guns. This does not exclude women taking their gun to the range for practice or target shooting however.

A large difference found in studies shows that women, unlike men, are becoming gun owners at an older age. Women’s average purchase age falls at around 27 whereas men average first purchase is 19.

Open Carrying Of Handguns

As one can see looking at the chart below there are more than thirty states that allow guns owners to carry with no license or permit required of any kind. Typically it is these permits and licenses that help to mandate the training required to own or carry a handgun.

According to the FBI millions of these firearms had been purchased by first-time gun owners. Most of these new buyers told the FBI that they decided to make the purchase as a means of self-defense without obtaining firearm self-defense training or often even prior gun handling. 

Yet another startling study was conducted in regards to the carrying of a firearm on college campuses. When one stops to consider that the average age of a student in college ranges between the ages of 18-24 it can be easy to see the potential for problems. 

How GUNCMA Can Help 

GUNCMA can help firearms owners find classes, basic training, gun ranges, certification training, permit training, instructors and so much more to get everyone safely trained and gain experience in proper firearm handling.  

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