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GUNCMA and FFL Boss Join Forces to Provide Top Service To Firearms Industry

GUNCMA and FFL Boss Join Forces to Provide Top Service To Firearms Industry

GUNCMA is the top notch firearms marketing platform that helps firearms businesses grow and expand their brand online whilst reaching a wider demographic. GunCMA members have a host of tools to circumnavigate the firearms advertising issues online and reach a wide consumer base that is highly targeted. It also allows its members to ensure they operate lawfully and within ATF guidelines thus ensuring a safe environment to advertise and grow their businesses online.

GUNCMA areas of expertise include Hunting Outfitters, Firearms Manufacturers, Firearms Insurance, Gun Organizations, Gun Stores, Clubs and Shooting Ranges. There is a plethora of online marketing tools within the content management system that allows the requisite firearms businesses to promote themselves within a wide range of verticals such as video, images, products, written content, promo's and so much more. 

One thing that is missing to make the synergy unique is to be able to offer a secure management tool to help the gun shops stay within and comply with ATF regulations. Announcing - FFL BOSS

FFL Boss Partnerships

FFL Boss is the ultimate in online data management software that has been specialized for the firearm industry. As firearms dealers themselves, FFL Boss created, digitalized, and streamlined products that are ATF approved cloud based solutions. 

FFL Boss can save your business huge amounts of money, stress, errors, and extra work. FFL Boss’s software allow you to turn any computer, tablet, or laptop into your company’s new kiosk machine and be able to monitor and track all sales of your firearms and be totally ATF compliant. Users will also find easy to use and accurate background checking software. You can even track your inventory, monitor your employees, and also submit federal documents in one location. It is the goal of FFL Boss to help enable effectiveness and efficiency to all retailers thus allowing the retailer to once again focus on building their business, top rated customer service, plus selling their products and services. 

A Firearms Partnership For Success

The advantages to the GUNCMA and FFL Boss partnership is the ability to be able to market your firearms business and know that as a retailer, you no longer need to worry or stress over firearm related audits of any kind. In one location all members can easily see all aspects of sales, registration, background checks, and so much more thus allowing those in the firearm industry to improve overall customer service, customer interaction, and time on the sales floor. 

The unique partnership will allow GUNCMA the opportunity to recommend FFL Boss to all active members while FFL Boss is able to offer members specialized privileges to help market their firearms business. 

Pete Pi Jr, VP for FFL Boss states, “ We want the firearms dealers we work with to use the very best tools for ATF compliance as well as digital automation.” 

GUNCMA is delighted with this opportunity and partnership to offer firearms business a unique marketing service and a unique auditing and tracking service for their firearms business. We look forward to helping our small firearms businesses gain a stronger foothold within their industry.

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