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5 Tips for Hunting Wild Hogs

5 Tips for Hunting Wild Hogs

Wild hogs are not a native North American species. The first true domesticated hogs were brought to Florida in 1539 by Spanish explorers as a food source. These Spanish settlers let these hogs roam free and butchered them when they needed meat. As expected, some of these pigs wondered off creating a feral breeding population. In 1890 the first wild Russian boars were brought to New Hampshire. These two instances together created the wild hogs of North America.

Today, most wild hogs are found in southern states with Texas, Florida, and Louisiana having the highest populations. Wild hogs can be found in a number of different habitats including riparian, woodlands, marshes, grasslands, and chaparral. They do not like hot deserts or places that get substantial snow fall.

Wild hogs are omnivores and have an extremely varied diet including bulbs, tubers, grasses, acorns, forbs, berries, invertebrates, eggs, birds, and animal carcasses. They are also notorious for causing significant damage to agricultural crops.

Now that you have a little background, let’s move on to some tips for hunting wild hogs.

Tracking Wild Hogs

If you’re hunting wild hogs, you should know how to track them. Just like domestic pigs, wild hogs love rooting through vegetation for food. Dirt that has been turned over is a classic sign that a wild hog has been in the area.

Wild hogs also love wallowing, it is necessary for them to stay cool. They will root around ponds and creeks and then wallow in the mud. Wild hogs will urinate and defecate in there wallow, and since they have a strong odor, it will be easy to tell if they were there. Wild hogs have tracks that are similar to deer but longer and rounder.

Baiting Wild Hogs

Setting out feeders is the most commonly used tactic in hunting wild hogs. Due to their keen sense of smell, wild hogs can locate food sources up to five miles away. Putting their natural food sources, such as corn, oats, fruit, and acorns in the feeder is a good way to bring them out into the open.

You can also “train” wild hogs by using an automatic feeder. The automatic feeders are usually set up in an open space and are meant to go off at night. Once the pigs associate the feeder with a meal, they will come back night after night.

Hunting Wild Hogs at Night

Wild hogs are smart and have become accustomed to hunters. For this reason, in heavily hunted areas, wild hogs will only come out at night to feed. With the wild hog populations continue to expand, many states allow hunting on private and public land, with or without the use of artificial light.

The newest generation of hog hunting technology includes the HOGMAN-OUTDOORS Game Alert® Hog Hunting Light. This light is a low intensity, motion-activated red light that attaches to the bottom of a hog feeder with a magnet. When motion is detected within a 200 yard perimeter of the hog feed a 10 second illumination will alert you to the hog’s presence, without it detecting you.

Calling in Wild Hogs 

Wild hogs are known to be extremely aggressive. Nearly any predator call will bring a wild hog out from under cover. Call downwind using the predator call in short bursts. A piglet distress call is a good call to get a sow out into the open. Sows are extremely protective of their piglets, and can easily be drawn out if she thinks one of her piglets is in danger. It is important to remember that the wild hogs will be charging in towards the call, so make sure you are in a safe position.

People hunting wild hogs use a number of methods including rifle, bow, dogs, trapping, and airplane. The method used depends on the individual hunter. Hunting wild hogs can become dangerous in a matter of seconds, so it is important to be vigilant of your surrounds and never put yourself in a vulnerable position.

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